Soul Restore

Mindfulness-based expressive arts & wellness.

What is Soul Restore?

Soul Restore is a bi-monthly mindfulness-based expressive arts series & community wellness support space for professionals and aspiring creatives.

Together we will explore tools and methods to relax the body, expand the mind, restore the soul, and express the spirit in a fun and playful environment.

Every other week we will engage in movement and breath exercises, mindfulness tools, and expressive arts practices that we can use personally and/or professionally.

As a community, we will inspire each other to show up for ourselves through the weekly "soul express" challenges and "purpose projects", where we will practice the tools learned in Soul Restore.

Above all, everyone will be invited to fully embrace the freedom to play, explore and uniquely express. In Soul, Restore everyone is encouraged to shine without shame and encourage the same!

                                            Welcome to Soul Restore. It's going to be a great time!

When & Where is Soul Restore?

Soul Restore starts on January 21st 2021!

1st & 3rd Thursdays


10 months (20 playshops)

Online in the privacy of your home or office.

What Will I Learn in Soul Restore?

   You will learn all of these and more!

   Learn the foundations of expressive arts, including visual art, movement art, music, and narrative arts.

   Learn and experience how to create and sustain a personal arts practice.

   Learn and experience how to use mindfulness-based expressive arts exercises to calm the nervous system.

   Learn and experience how to use art materials for practical and therapeutic uses.

   Learn and experience how to create safe structures in which to practice expressive arts therapy.

   Distinguish the myths and truths of expressive arts and mindfulness.

   Learn and experience how to create a creative wellness practice to reduce stress, overwhelm & burn-out.

Themes Explored in Soul Restore

  Here are just some of the themes we will explore!

Soul Restore Creative Tools & Practices

  Here are just some of the creative tools and practices we will explore!

What More is Included in Soul Restore?

    •  * Private Soul Restore Facebook Group

    •  * Monthly Soul Restore "Purpose Projects" & "Play Challenges"

    •  * Live share space for students & guests

    •  * Free downloads & resources

Angela Luna, J.D, M.A, LMFT #86029

For over a decade, I have been called to guide creative souls to create happier and more fulfilling lives through my work as a psychotherapist and trainer. I have held many hats during this time, including manager and supervisor at the Trauma Recovery Center, didactic trainer for La Familia Counseling Center and business owner of AngelaLunaTherapy.  As a trainer, I have provided school staff, attorneys, law enforcement, hospital staff, clergy, therapist trainees, amongst others with education in Expressive Arts Therapy, Trauma/PSTD, Vicarious Trauma, Mindfulness, and more.

Personally, I love to jump on my trampoline, make art with my honey, create beauty in my environment and walk in nature daily. I have a passion for all things creative, personal growth and dogs. (yeah.. a bit of an obsession since I was able to talk!)

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    Soul Restore is a bi-monthly mindfulness-based expressive arts series & community wellness support space for professionals and asp

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